Employability is comprehended by company and university staff in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) for graduate-level professions


  • Joynob Akter Nishu International Islamic University Chittagong, Major in Human Resource Management




The world of work is changing dramatically, innovation is influencing practice and experience, and social fabrics are becoming more global and multicultural. With the advancement of globalization, employability has become one of the main goals of the education system. Managers today expect representatives to be either subtle or non-professional, regardless of their professional abilities. The motivation behind the review was to investigate the employability of human resource Management companies and universities and the vocational management of graduate graduation rates. This review enables normal employability among human resource development project staff and human resource development graduate business in the United States and globally. One-way ANOVA (ANOVA) is used both in the United States and, more universally, to assess the interrelationships between factors of interest between representatives and employees. The general sequence of this study shows that there is a significant relationship between 16 of the 18 factors surveyed and the type of respondent, except for relatedness and the use of innovation


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